L.A. Comic Con

Had so much fun wandering around meeting people at L.A. Comic Con this weekend . . . and as always it’s nice to get to the beach, although I still can’t swim because of my hurt shoulder which is slowly recovering after separating my AC joint skateboarding.

Halloween events I'm DJing

Halloween is my favorite time of year, when I can go outside and not be considered a freak!

Here are some fun events I’m DJing this October:

Thursday October 17th: Black Tie Power Couples Fundraiser at the Utah Museum of Modern Art, with honored guests from Utah Opera, Ballet West, and the Utah Symphony.

Saturday October 26th: Jason Olsen’s annual Utah Pride Center Halloween Fundraiser at SoundWell. More details to come, but here’s a video from the party 2 years ago, you don’t want to miss this!

Thursday October 31st: Gracies 10th annual Halloween Costume Contest with over $1500 in cash and prizes! Here’s a video from last year’s party.

The first Halloween I can remember was in Dallas back in ‘97. If it weren’t for everyone being dressed up I may not have had the courage to go out, and I never would have met Sol at my first Rave where I fell in love with electronic music and started forming the idea I wanted to DJ.

DJ set in my basement

If I had the time I would do this all day every day . . . mixing music together on the fly, coming up with new combos and experimenting. Some of this music is from when I started DJing at Gracie’s back in 2012 . . . some is more current, some older from when I used to go clubbing in London . . . a lot of this music is nostalgic and has special significance to me . . .

Lonely People

Do you think social media makes us more or less connected?

I mean on one hand I have thousands of people I can message at any time, but how many of them do I have a real connection with?

But there were lonely people long before social media . . . just listen to Paul McCartey’s voice on this blend. I recently saw Santigold perform (I was there for Madge) and remembered the song “Disparate People”. The lyrics to both songs remind me very much of life in a big city, especially at night, and especially in L.A., hence the video of Los Angeles traffic. L.A. feels like about the fakest and loneliest place on the planet.