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L.A. Comic Con

Had so much fun wandering around meeting people at L.A. Comic Con this weekend . . . and as always it’s nice to get to the beach, although I still can’t swim because of my hurt shoulder which is slowly recovering after separating my AC joint skateboarding.

Halloween events I'm DJing

Halloween is my favorite time of year, when I can go outside and not be considered a freak!

Here are some fun events I’m DJing this October:

Thursday October 17th: Black Tie Power Couples Fundraiser at the Utah Museum of Modern Art, with honored guests from Utah Opera, Ballet West, and the Utah Symphony.

Saturday October 26th: Jason Olsen’s annual Utah Pride Center Halloween Fundraiser at SoundWell. More details to come, but here’s a video from the party 2 years ago, you don’t want to miss this!

Thursday October 31st: Gracies 10th annual Halloween Costume Contest with over $1500 in cash and prizes! Here’s a video from last year’s party.

The first Halloween I can remember was in Dallas back in ‘97. If it weren’t for everyone being dressed up I may not have had the courage to go out, and I never would have met Sol at my first Rave where I fell in love with electronic music and started forming the idea I wanted to DJ.

DJ set in my basement

If I had the time I would do this all day every day . . . mixing music together on the fly, coming up with new combos and experimenting. Some of this music is from when I started DJing at Gracie’s back in 2012 . . . some is more current, some older from when I used to go clubbing in London . . . a lot of this music is nostalgic and has special significance to me . . .

Lonely People

Do you think social media makes us more or less connected?

I mean on one hand I have thousands of people I can message at any time, but how many of them do I have a real connection with?

But there were lonely people long before social media . . . just listen to Paul McCartey’s voice on this blend. I recently saw Santigold perform (I was there for Madge) and remembered the song “Disparate People”. The lyrics to both songs remind me very much of life in a big city, especially at night, and especially in L.A., hence the video of Los Angeles traffic. L.A. feels like about the fakest and loneliest place on the planet.

Playing Sax while DJing

I have been playing the saxophone for a long time, and absolutely love playing the sax while I’m DJing. Nothing’s better than the energy of actual musical instruments, which is why I often DJ with a live drummer . . . DJing for me is also a form of improvisation . . . mixing different beats, samples and acapellas together, using DJ tools and effects to change and morph the music into something completely new. The other day I was DJing at a bar and some patrons insisted that I play more sax . . . here’s a little video from that night: