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DJ + Sax + Drums for Halloween at Gracie's SLC

Had a great time playing the sax and DJing with Bart Olson on drums for Halloween. Gracie’s has an annual costume contest each year with a $1000 prize for the winner. Thanks for having us Gracie’s!

Live at Gracies during their Halloween party! Playing the sax & DJing alog with the talented Bart Olson on drums. Video by Paulie Godbout website: drums: venue:

Thailand was a blast!

I had so much fun in Thailand. The highlight was for sure meeting and washing these amazing elephants! Here are a few photos from the work+play trip.

Live Dj plus Drums from Gracie's

Recently I did a DJ+drums set at Gracie's, here's a clip from the night! 

I'll be DJing there after each Twilight Concert this summer, starting August 16th after Diplo!  Admission is free (21+) come on by after the concerts!  I start DJing at 10pm. 

Gracies is located at 326 South West Temple, SLC, UT.



International Women's Day 2018

Here's a special mashup/remix for all the women out there . . . I owe so much to women, firstly my mother who gave me life, then nurse Jean who rescued me from Parkland memorial back in '97, then Sol who was my first real friend, she's saved me many times over.  You can read more about all that here in my story