20 pages of my graphic novel are up!

Today I'm so happy to post the 20th page of my graphic novel.  This page has special meaning to me because it's all about getting out of my comfort zone, taking those steps of uncertainty into the unknown. As a person with social anxiety, every time I leave my home can be a struggle. Sometimes just knowing others feel the same way makes all the difference.



I can still remember the night I first left nurse Jean's apartment.   Inside was comfortable and safe but the outside world called me.  As I stepped out into the street it was as if I was floating rather than walking, the excitement and anticipation of exploring the city engulfed me.  Each tiny detail was a new discovery: a cat slinking by, the loud kids in their costumes, streetlights buzzing and cars humming past.  

Comfort, fear of the unknown, anxiety, these things can trap us and keep us from happiness and success.  All my life I search for that same feeling I felt leaving the apartment that first night, and it only comes when I get out of my comfort zone.

You can read my story from the beginning here.