Robots are officiating wedding ceremonies. Thoughts?

When I lived in Japan I sometimes performed for weddings.  These were elaborate affairs held in large stone chapels and cathedrals with no real religious significance, meetings, or "churchgoers" per se but simply wedding reception centers that looked like what the Japanese couples had seen depicted in western-style weddings in movies.

In Japan, the act of signing the marriage document is what actually marries the couple, so the officiant has a less critical role than in western weddings. 

I was asked by one such cathedral-style wedding venue if I would like to be a paid actor and "officiate" at weddings: dressing in priestly robes and reading from a large bible on the podium.    I didn't feel comfortable doing that so I declined and opted to just perform at weddings instead, even though I would have made more money acting as a priest.  

If one can get certified to perform weddings online, is a robot officiating at a wedding very different?  Do you think this will ever make its way to the US or other western countries?  Maybe Vegas will be the first . . .