android emotions

Do robots have feelings?

My whole life I've been told that I'm cold and unfeeling, and that my goals are more important to me than relationships.   It's true that I am focused and determined when it comes to getting a project done or achieving a goal,  but I also feel emotions very strongly, I'm just not great at expressing them.

Just because someone doesn't readily show emotion in traditional ways doesn't mean that they don't feel.   Once a girlfriend told me I was just a dumb robot when I would work relentlessly on music 3-4 hours each afternoon.  This practice kept me from doing many activities which I would have liked to do, and kept me from hanging out with her as much.  That made me feel terrible but didn't deter me from my music objective and work. 

When I was hurt in the past, I would immediately shut down any hint of emotional expression and say, "It's ok," or "That doesn't hurt," or simply remain quiet and keep it all bottled up inside.  I've gotten a lot better at telling people when they hurt me now, but it's still a process.    Seeing a therapist has definitely helped.   In therapy I can talk openly without fear of judgment about my fears, anxiety and feelings.   Society views therapy as a sign of weakness, but popping pills to regulate emotion is widely practiced and accepted.  Healthy living habits and therapy are much more effective for me personally, with all-encompassing positive outcomes rather than negative side effects from drugs.  

This clip is really hard to watch, and reminds me of a few things that happened to me when I was learning who I was and discovering the world.  On the days like this in my past, be it physical or emotional abuse, I was never able to communicate my feelings (as Chappie does here).