are robots taking our jobs

Are Robots going to take your job?


Traditionally society has forecast the poor working class losing their jobs to robots, but Martin Ford's recent book Rise of the Robots: Technology and the threat of a jobless future outlines how the well-educated upper crust also are in peril.   

It is documented that the military is spending $30bn preparing a robot army in order to minimize human casualties in upcoming conflicts.

But not as reported is the reality that robots are beginning to take highly-skilled jobs as well . . . jobs which require nuance and human discernment are increasingly being tackled by algorythms.  Robots Software engineers, writers, editors, and even grading college essays.    

As you can see in the below chart, China is leading the robot takeover at nearly 40% of the entire world's robots being put in use there by 2019:


Does this scare you?  Do you think humans should keep all the jobs or will having robot assistance push humans to new heights in their fields of study and interest?