dj plus drums

DJ + Sax + Drums for Halloween at Gracie's SLC

Had a great time playing the sax and DJing with Bart Olson on drums for Halloween. Gracie’s has an annual costume contest each year with a $1000 prize for the winner. Thanks for having us Gracie’s!

Live at Gracies during their Halloween party! Playing the sax & DJing alog with the talented Bart Olson on drums. Video by Paulie Godbout website: drums: venue:

Live Dj plus Drums from Gracie's

Recently I did a DJ+drums set at Gracie's, here's a clip from the night! 

I'll be DJing there after each Twilight Concert this summer, starting August 16th after Diplo!  Admission is free (21+) come on by after the concerts!  I start DJing at 10pm. 

Gracies is located at 326 South West Temple, SLC, UT.