International Women's Day 2018

Here's a special mashup/remix for all the women out there . . . I owe so much to women, firstly my mother who gave me life, then nurse Jean who rescued me from Parkland memorial back in '97, then Sol who was my first real friend, she's saved me many times over.  You can read more about all that here in my story

I love the city

There's something about each city which makes them almost like a living organism, a person.  The sights and smells of a Tokyo fish market, riding the front upstairs seat on a double decker bus navigating through London traffic, descending the Spanish steps in Rome,  or walking the royal mile in Edinburgh . . .  the surreal feeling of walking down the "Eixão" of Brazil's capital of Brasilia, the busy backbone highway which shuts down every Sunday for people to enjoy; or your plane almost touching skyscrapers as you land in San Diego, each city is unique and distinct.   

MY obsession with water and the ocean

Ever since I can remember, I've been obsessed with the ocean.  I love the beach, swimming, and I even jumped in the fountain at Leicester square whilst living in London years ago . . . well that was a bet I was put up to by a bunch of Study abroad girls I was living with at the time, but that's another story . . . 

There's something calming and hypnotic about moving water, but also inspiring.  Bruce Lee said, "flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on moving."  



I can almost remember . . .

There's a feeling, almost a memory . . . I get it when I'm in a desert thunderstorm.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have no memory of my childhood.  That day I woke up in 1997 is the first thing I remember.  But there's a feeling I've been chasing and it seems to come out strongest in desert thunderstorms I've experienced in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.   It's like a mixture of nostalgia with deja-vu . . . similar to what people describe their dreams are like.    I wish I could dream, but I'll have to be content with seeing dreams.  

Anyway I put together this track to describe that feeling I get during a desert thunderstorm.