robot drawing

Art modeling days . . .

I found some old drawings from when I was an art model for a local university.  I was just getting on my feet and it paid pretty well, better than fast food.  It was a challenge though, you had to sit or stand for long stretches of time in the same spot, so your body got really sore and as the clock ticked seconds away pain increased until finally the art instructor would call out "break time". 

The teachers usually had me nude or wearing a speedo or underwear, but once the professor went in a back room and came out with leather chaps, spurs, a vest and a cowboy hat, and dropping this at my feet said, "Giddy-up" to the students' laughter.  I wasn't amused as I was already somewhat embarrassed to disrobe in front of so many people, not just disrobe, but stand there for hours as they stared and scrutinized every imperfection.  But it did give me good motivation to go to the gym and push myself physically, knowing I'd be back in front of another class to be examined and drawn.