Dreaming of Snowboarding

I love snowboarding.  I remember the first time I went I broke my wrist.  We were hiking, not at an actual resort.  I'd been skateboarding for quite some time but hadn't really ever snowboarded before moving to Utah.  I loved going off kickers (small wooden jumps) on my skateboard and so when I first tried going off a jump on a snowboard, and could get many times higher and farther than a wooden skateboard kicker, I went too big and snapped my wrist.  It just so happened that my friend's old car got stuck in the snow so everyone pushed while I drove the car, with a broken wrist.  It wouldn't have been so bad except that it was a stick shift so I had to use my elbow to steer since my wrist was broken and I needed to shift with the good hand.   

Utah is home to some amazing snow, the locals say "Greatest Snow on Earth" because the snow here is light, fluffy, dry and soft.   Also tourists love Utah because unlike other famous ski areas like Vail or Tahoe, resorts are only 1/2 hour from the airport.  This year we haven't gotten much snow but I'm dreaming of heavy snowfalls this holiday season.